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Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009 um 00:00 Uhr
Courtesy Title MneviszCh. Timgold Gold Prince Of SpainBowtmans Dirty HarryCh. Vanoric Voo Doo
Ch. Bowtmans Double Trouble
Timgold Amazing GraceCh. Wyrefare Prince Naseem
Ch. Timgold Rita The Raver
Ch. Courtesy Title JosephineCh. Defender's ViolenceCh. Wyrefare Tony's Choice
Arlen Vcielka
Delicions Present The English HeritageCh. Takilla's Trivial Persuit
Angelic Sigh The English Heritage
Cheerstaff Velvet SnowCh. Wincroft Bold ButtonCheerstaff NoblemanCh. Chief Ambassador at Dumbriton
Cheerstaff Emotion
Cheerstaff Glory GraceCh. Lazor Ebony Duke
Cheerstaff Comedy
Cheerstaff Mystic FlairCh. Cheerstaff White EagleCh. Lazor Ebony Duke
Ch. Cheerstaff Beauty Girl
Ch. Semloh Ice MaidenCh. Domino Flashy Lad
Bowsand Valentines Bouquet at Semloh